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Camera Obscura

Camera Musica is a third party representative offering licensing placement services to US and international artists, labels, and publishers. We provide a clearance service for music in ads, film, tv, trailers and video games. We also work with Music Supervisors, Business Affairs departments, Ad Agencies, Producers and Directors for television and movies.

Camera Musica, Where Music Hits the Screens

Camera Obscura, an optical device that led to photography and the camera, consisted of a box with a hole in one side, where “multiple rays hit the side of the box but only a few got through the pinhole to create an image on the screen.”

Transposed to music, Camera Obscura becomes, Camera Musica: where only one tune will match your image perfectly! We are the point of convergence of Music and Images. It is our job to make sure our services filter and correspond to your exact needs.

  • Agreement

    We will represent professionals who we trust and then sign a pitch agreement together…

  • Clearance

    We track the label & publisher to clear both the master & sync use of the song…

  • Pitch

    And pitch the appropriate material that fits the brief to our client in a quick timeframe…

  • License

    Until the licenses are issued and the shares are split equitably between the rights owners.

  • We are a trustee source for Music Supervisors

  • We prefer to exclusively representation

  • We don’t re-title songs

  • We are flexible

  • We are humble, bold and a safe risk

  • We only use quality production material so it can shine in the best sound systems

  • We like original music and privilege creativity over sound alike

  • We will check the samples used are cleared

  • We deliver our clearing process in the fastest timeframe

  • We check our metadata and will tag all the credits

  • We don’t charge more than 20% deal

  • We work under different timezones amd language is not a barrier issue

I ask of film what most North Americans ask of psychedelic drugs

Alejandro Jodorowsky
Alejandro Jodorowsky, Director, Composer